Paris France; Complete Guide to Paris City

Paris is the capital of France and one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the world. About 45 million tourists visit Paris every year. Many world-famous monuments, institutions, and parks are located in this city. Paris is also known as the greenest capital of Europe, with 478,000 trees. In addition, it is one of the most attractive and romantic cities in Europe and has countless great attractions. This city is also known as the “City of Lights.” Its beauty is breathtaking, and when its extraordinary architectural and artistic heritage merges with the advanced tourism industry, it creates an unforgettable time for any tourist. Lilimag will introduce you to the city of Paris in the following:

Paris France; Complete Guide to Paris City
Information about the City of Paris, City of Light

Introduction to Paris France 

Paris is located on the banks of the Seine and consists of two islands. Île Saint-Louis is the minor part, and Île de la Cité is the more significant part and includes the old part of the city. Paris is located on very flat ground. Paris is about 35 meters above sea level. The lowest point of Paris is about 24 meters above sea level and the highest point, called Montmartre, is 130 meters above sea level. The core of Paris is about 105 square kilometers, but the urban area of Paris and its suburbs is approximately 1457 square kilometers, which is 138 times the core of the city.

Paris History 

The city of Paris is practically synonymous with France. It’sIt’s the seat of government and the country’scountry’s capital of commerce, culture, and tourism. So, what is the history of this iconic city? When was Paris founded? Well, the origins of Paris can be traced back to 250 BC, when a Gallic Tribe called “Parisii” settled on an island in the middle of the Seine River. After the island became a popular trading hub, the Romans took over around 52 BC and expanded it along with the left bank building baths, forums, and theaters. By the end of the 12th century and long after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Paris became the center of France. The area to the right of the Seine River, better known as the Right Bank, grew into a thriving business hub. At the same time, the Left Bank earned a reputation as the intellectual district, housing the University of Paris.

A century later, during the French Wars of Religion, Paris became known as a stronghold of Catholics. In the 17th century, Cardinal Richelieu, the chief minister of King Louis XIII, made Paris one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. With the French Revolution in 1789, the history of Paris entered a new phase. On July 14, 1789, people were able to access ammunition. Thus, the first city council was held at the De Ville Hotel on July 15, and astronomer Jean-Sylvain Bailly was elected chairman of the city council. During this period, the assets of the aristocracy and the churches were declared national. Churches were closed or wholly destroyed. This situation continued in Paris until 1799. In November 1799, Napoleon Bonaparte came to power. He organized the government elections and built many buildings.

In 1901 the population of Paris reached over two million. At the beginning of the 20th century, Paris witnessed artists such as Picasso, Modigliani, a prominent Italian painter, and Matisse, a late French painter and sculptor. In World War I, French troops marched on the battlefield in the first battle, but violence did not escape the city’scity’s face, and the people of Paris witnessed fighters drop bombs on them. During the post-World War I peace period, Paris became the cradle of officer students from various parts, especially Asia and Europe. Officers who later became the leaders of their country. In 2007, President Nicolas Sarkozy unveiled the Greater Paris Plan. This plan was implemented with many reforms, and thus the surrounding areas were annexed to Paris, turning the city into a metropolis (ref).

Paris Population 

Paris is the capital of France and is located in the north of the country. It is one of the top 5 cities in Europe in terms of economic, political, and cultural development. Paris is one of the most populated cities in Europe. According to the latest census in 2020, the population of Paris is about 2.148 million people, which represents only the urban area of Paris. According to available statistics, 12,278,210 people live in all areas of Paris, which is 18% of the total population of France.

Most French people are Christian and Catholic, but other religions also live with a small minority. The most significant common interest of the people of France and Paris is cooking. These people are very interested in eating and cooking, so the best chefs in the world are French. The French are very prejudiced against their country and national language and do not speak other languages as much as possible. Another exciting feature of the French over the rest of Europe is that they have a strange tendency to be fashionable. This feature made them produce the best cosmetics and perfumes in the world. The people of Paris and France are very interested in all kinds of sports besides cooking. Football, cycling, and other sports in the world have their fans.

Introduction to Paris France
Short History of Paris, France

Paris Travel Guide: Things to Know Before Visiting Paris 

There are many sights in Paris, but some of them are among the must-haves for all tourists. The beautiful city of Paris is one of the most popular travel destinations, and there is a place to visit in every corner from the church to the gardens and art museums. If you are planning to travel to France, you should know the sights of Paris.

What is Paris Most Famous For? 

  • Paris is a city that is always awake. Paris nights are bright, and people always come and go.
  • Notre Dame’s famous church, Luxembourg Palace, Louvre Museum, and Eiffel Tower are just four of the city’s renowned tourist attractions inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • The Japanese, Russians, and Italians are very interested in traveling to France and Paris.
  • Paris is known as the city of lights and has the most gas lights in the world used to illuminate the city.
  • The name Paris is derived from an ethnic group called the Parisians.
  • Until 1852, Paris had narrow streets, but after the renovation began, all the city streets were widened.
  • Paris will host the 2024 Summer Olympics.
Paris Travel Guide: Things to Know before Visiting Paris
Paris Facts & Travel Guide

Best Time for Visiting Paris City

The best time to visit Paris is from June to August and September to October. From June to August, the weather in Paris is excellent. The average maximum temperature at this time of year is 21 degrees Celsius, and long sunny days are its characteristics. Unfortunately, summer is the busiest and most expensive time to visit Paris. For lower costs during the trip and shorter queues to see the tourist attractions, it is better to travel to Paris from September to October. The leaves of the trees this season make the view of the city stunning; of course, the spring blossoms of Paris are also very famous.

If you are looking for the cheapest time to travel to Paris, winter is the best time to travel. Remember, Paris is one of the most visited cities globally with 30 million tourists a year; So no matter what time you choose, there are always tourists and a bit of the hustle and bustle in this city. 

Best Things to Do in Paris, France

The city of Paris has many sights and entertainment. Therefore, it is better to know the most famous ones and prioritize visiting them. The followings are the top 5 things to do in Paris:

  • The Louvre Museum: As you probably know, the Louvre Museum is one of the largest museums in the world, with a rare collection of historical monuments from around the world. If you want to see all the parts, you need more than one day!
  • Palace of Versailles: Versailles is a magnificent and historical palace that was the royal residence of the kings of France for many years. It would help if you did not miss the architecture inside the palace, the immaculate gardens, and the luxurious decorations of Versailles. To know more about this magnificent palace, click here: Palace of Versailles facts
  • Champs Elysees: This Street is one of the most beautiful parts of Paris, with many shops, galleries, and restaurants. Champs Elysees is one of the most famous streets in the world with its famous terraces, cafes, and luxury shops. Do not miss the opportunity to see this spectacular street!
  • Disneyland Paris: Disneyland Paris is approximately 607 hectares, with thousands of hotel rooms, a conference center, a leisure and shopping center, sports facilities, and a large amusement park. This amusement park is another series of Disney amusement parks in the world that was opened in 1992.
  • Eiffel Tower: The Eiffel Tower is located on Champ de Mars, next to the Seine River. This tower is the tallest building in Paris and is the most famous and popular city symbol.
  • Catacombs of Paris: What created the Catacombs of Paris, this bone-filled underground city, were the most populous cemeteries in Paris in the 18th century. The transfer of more than 6 million corpses to the area has turned it into a repository of bones. Imagine the whole underground network of caves and tunnels all covered with skulls and bones!

If you are looking for more information about the sights of Paris, click here: Top Things to Do in Paris.

Paris Travel Guide: Things to Know before Visiting Paris
Guide to Visit Paris City

Best Restaurants in Paris City

As mentioned earlier, eating and cooking, in general, are very important in French culture. For this reason, there are many restaurants in the city where you can enjoy a variety of French dishes such as Onion Soup, Cassoulet, Beef Bourguignon, Soufflé, Flamiche. Among the most famous restaurants in Paris, we can mention the following:

  • Septime Restaurant: To eat in this restaurant, you must have a prior reservation.
  • Clamato Restaurant: This restaurant is famous for its mixed tomato and oyster drink.
  • Verjus Restaurant: This is an American and French restaurant.
  • Passage 53 Restaurant: This restaurant is very favorite because it has two Michelin stars.
  • Le Servan Restaurant: This restaurant is very famous for its type of architecture and design.
  • Paul Bert Bistro: This restaurant is one of the busiest and oldest restaurants in Paris.

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Best Paris Hotels

Paris is known as the city of light and love. As you walk through its streets, you are surrounded by its dazzling beauty. The hotels in this city are of the same beauty and splendor. Art and beauty can also be seen in the hotels of this city. All the famous and big hotel brands in the world have branches in Paris. In this city, you can stay in a 5-star hotel or rent a local house for your stay. So choosing a hotel depends on you and your travel budget. The followings are some of the most famous and luxurious hotels in Paris city:

  • Hotel 9Confidentiel
  • La Clef Champs-Élysées Paris by The Crest Collection
  • Hotel Flanelles Paris
  • Les Jardins du Faubourg Paris
  • Hôtel Parisian
  • Roi de Sicile – Rivoli — Actuellement OUVERT
  • Hôtel Le Ballu

For more information and to book a hotel in Paris, click here.

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Guide to Visit Paris City
Luxury Hotel in Paris France

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There is probably no one in the world who does not know Paris. This city is one of the most important travel destinations in Europe, which attracts many tourists every year. Of course, there are many exciting and readable stories and facts about Paris, of which we have mentioned only a few. To learn more about this city and its sights, follow Lilimag’s Paris page.