Terms of Service of Lilimag

Terms of Service of Lilimag

Terms of Service

The contents of this page are the terms and conditions of access and use of the Lilimag website (lilimag.net), hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Service”. The items on this page are an agreement to use the content of the Lilimag, which users agree to when using the site. These conditions are immediately applicable the first time the user uses the site.

Content Disclaimer

Lilimag’s editorial team strives to use credible sources to write his content accurately and to update it if necessary. However, the contents provided by Lilimag on various topics such as health, medicine, pharmaceutical information, home treatment, psychology, law, and finance are only for informational purposes and to increase the level of public information and users are solely responsible for using these contents. Lilimag does not guarantee the accuracy, quality, correctness, or completeness of the information and is not responsible for any defects, errors, omissions, or errors in the articles on its site. Users are fully responsible for all consequences resulting from the use of Lilimag’s content and decision-making based on the content provided in it. It is the sole responsibility of the users to ensure that the content of Lilimag is complete and appropriate to their needs by using specialized sources or by referring to experts, and then act on it at their own risk.

The Copyright of the Content

The ownership of the texts, images, graphics, proprietary videos, logos, trademarks, and anything used in the Lilimag pages and articles is wholly owned by the Lilimag Website. Full or partial republishing of Lilimag content is permitted only by mentioning the source name (Lilimag Magazine) and inserting a Follow link to Lilimag’s article. Also, the use of Lilimag content in applications and print media is allowed only by mentioning the source (Lilimag Magazine). Reproduction and use of Lilimag’s proprietary images with the “lilimag.net” brand are permitted only with the preservation of the Lilimag logo and any removal of the Lilimag’s logo from these images will be prosecuted. In addition, any copying of the design of the home page, internal pages, various sections, trademark, name, and logo of the Lilimag website by individuals or legal entities on other sites and media will be prohibited and subjected to legal prosecution.

Disclaimer of the Content of the Outbound Links

In writing some of its content, Lilimag has linked to other sites (third party), which include advertisements or ad reporting and outbound links to other sites under the heading of more information, source, and so on. This linking is for informational purposes only and does not in any way imply endorsement or rejection of the contents, services, and products of these websites. Lilimag has no responsibility for the content and destination of the external links of its site and the responsibility for using this content and services rests solely with the users and the third-party site.

Disclaimer of Advertising Content

Lilimag has no responsibility for the quality and accuracy of the content, products, services, and anything displayed on the promotional content. These ads are for informational purposes only and Lilimag will not endorse or deny their content. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of users to ensure the quality and accuracy of contents, services, and products before purchasing or using them.

Disclaimer of Security

By employing a professional Website design team and using the latest knowledge and technology in the world, Lilimag strives to provide a safe, fast, and desirable user experience for its visitors. However, the Lilimag website disclaims all responsibility for the consequences of cyber-attacks by third parties and has no responsibility for Lilimag’s compliance with users’ computers, mobile phones, and tablets. It is the responsibility of the audience to use appropriate methods to ensure the security of their digital devices when using the Lilimag website.

Terms of publishing comments in Lilimag

Lilimag considers answering the needs and questions of users as its mission. But this answer is only a suggested aspect. Therefore, all the answers are given to the users’ questions by the editorial team and experts of the Lilimag should not be considered a definite answer and diagnosis, and it is necessary for the users to refer to the sources and experts in that field to find the exact answer. It is the sole responsibility of users to ensure that these suggestions are correct before taking any action or using the suggestions or information, and then to act on these suggestions at their own risk. In addition, Lilimag is not responsible for the publication or response to spam questions and comments, as well as disruptive comments, including those that are illegal, racist, offensive, threatening, obscene, including sexually explicit or objectionable.

Lilimag’s right to update the Terms of Service Page

Lilimag reserves the right to change and update the contents of this page under the heading “Terms of Service” at any time without notice. Therefore, it is the responsibility of users to regularly and regularly review the conditions on this page and be informed of the latest changes. These conditions are as soon as the executive update and the continued use of the Lilimag website by users means acceptance of the new terms.